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Boss can I have a minute? Great this wireless network you would like to install it is a great idea but I have a problem I am hoping you can help me with. I know you want this up as soon as possible and it can be done but I cannot promise how good it would work and how well it would function without a site survey. A site survey will allow me time to go through the building and check for the best coverage area to set the access point and then check the performance of the network with this done I can make sure that the network operates properly threw out the building and see if there are any areas that might have interference issue could cause problems. Another important point it will allow me to see if there are any
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Unformatted text preview: other access points that may interfere with our wireless network. The major point in this picture is the security of our network we have to know if there count be any security issue and protect our information which in turn protects our business. We do not need to end up having security issues and unauthorized access point that we could get hacked and the data deleted or stolen that would really hurt us. I am asking for enough time to do a site survey so that all these things can be taken care of to protect the business and proved the best performance and connections to everyone that will use the network....
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