VULNERABILITIES - Complete the following matrix by filling...

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I would prefer to have a straight Hacker break into my network weather they are just trying for the attempt to show off their skills or working for the company to find the possible vulnerabilities so that they can be fixed before damage is done to the system or data stolen. I think since this paper was written they came out with WPA-PSK which if I had to choose I would go that route now but if I had to choose from the 3 listed I would go with Access Control or Mac Addressing this still has its draw backs like it can be spoofed and cannot add guest and harder to manage as a example but if it’s a closed system that does not have guest would be the best because the others like WEP and Authentication seem to have a lot more draw backs in security.
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Axia College Material Appendix F Wireless LAN Vulnerabilities Matrix
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Unformatted text preview: Complete the following matrix by filling in the blank boxes. Security protection Brief description Vulnerabilities Preve Mac address filtering MAC address are give to devices and only those devices are allowed on the network Key management, steal MAC address, Spoof MAC address Firewall pos filter Open system authentication (SSID beaconing) Limits admission to the network and meant to only allow authorized users on the network Management difficult only needs the 1 SSID, brute force attacks, capture challenge text. View SSID, steal SSID, Dictionary attacks force any er request to g OK respons numerous 4 will make it m attacker to d valid and inv This is inform threw WEP Works on a secret key shared between the device and the access point. Weak key, keystream, RC4pseudo-random number firewall...
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VULNERABILITIES - Complete the following matrix by filling...

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