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beh 225 week 7 day 5 - cloths and the way they walk and...

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We as a people or society have a tendency to judge people by first impressions based on impressions, stereotypes, and biases. For an example, you may be walking down the street and see someone walking down the street with a turned hat and a white tee and pants hanging of their rear and think they are a slacker or not well mannered as a first judgment. That first impression of the person can lead you to denying a person with good qualities and maybe be a good friend to you that opportunity as a personal example the contract I am on I am always seen in painted cloth and worn the other day after work I went home had to come back and the owner of the place did not even know me till I walked up said hi because I was in a nice butt down shirt and slacks and was amazed it was me. My reply was to him, why would I were my good cloths to paint, he said your right. These factors influence expectations because if a person does not act the way we expect we jump to conclusions. I myself have made these judgments based on many different things like
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Unformatted text preview: cloths and the way they walk and have come to later find out they are nice people and this had shown me not to be that way and give people a chance even though I may make that first impression though it can be hard to over look over these things it can be done. This leads to the disadvantages which could be not finding that good friend you may have if you had not jumped to a conclusion with that person and made the conclusion you did not like something about them and passed them over as a friend or for a job. This also leads to your personal actions that may cause others to judge you and your actions differently because of you making judgments on others and them not wanting to be around you because of your chooses about other people. Reference: Morris, C.G., & Maisto, A.A. (2002). Psychology: An Introduction (12th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall....
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beh 225 week 7 day 5 - cloths and the way they walk and...

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