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BEH 225 week 7 dq1 - back next week for doing a good job...

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I think I have a strong attitude towards work. I may not go in all bubbly and am not normally very social when I am working because I believe when you show up to work that is exactly what you should be doing not hanging out in the corner with a friend or co-worker. I do socialize at break and so on though but I like the positive attitude of the boss’s and the benefits of doing good work. I think this started when I was like 12 or around there I did not get an allowance and had to earn my money if I needed stuff I wanted. This made me start lawn mowing and I had a regular crowd of people that every week they would pay me with a smile a thank you and come
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Unformatted text preview: back next week for doing a good job. The negative attitude would be to 99 percent of my family I am only close to 3 or 4. This is because they are very racist in short order and my mother taught me better and not to look at people in that light so I get upset when I see family members or even others putting someone down because of something so stupid to me. I believe this attitude start with my family when I was very little seeing them put my mother down for who she dated and the talking behind hers and mine back when they thought we could not here. So even at family gatherings I do not socialize with most just my grandmother who is so fun to be around....
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