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beh225 week 5 dq2 - week she wanted to go buy something and...

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I have a pretty diverse set of friends but I have seen denial as an example when someone gets cheated on I have seen both sides of the coin sit there and deny the fact that their partner would ever do that even though they know it to be a fact. This example has no benefits but to cause more hurt in the future if it continued though if like in the reading of denial someone had terminal cancer if they could deny it if there was no treatment then they could live out and enjoy what life they had left without focusing on the bad. I also see regression and I can use my wife for this one even though she will kick my butt. Last
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Unformatted text preview: week she wanted to go buy something and I told her we did not have the money after repeating this she started pouting and literally stomped up the stairs to the bedroom. The case here is it did not help anything to go stomping like a little kid because there was nothing I could do. The only positive I could see from regression would be that it could be an emotional release to let the built up angry of a situation go and then with that release of anger be able to move on....
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