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beh225 week5 dq1 - lead to increased fear and anxiety and...

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I feel this lady is feeling fear and anxiety though the picture really is not that telling of the situation. I say this because if it was low lighting and say she was walking and just did not notice the guy and then all of a sudden seen him it would be an automatic instinctive response of fear and anxiety. In that particular setup of the picture a male might jump and instinctively hit a defensive posture to assess the possible threat and the woman would probably jump back and or run. The other aspect of this picture is the guy could be following her down the alley and this would
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Unformatted text preview: lead to increased fear and anxiety and panic on the woman’s part and possibly even confusion on what is going to happen or to do next. For the man being followed most that I know would probably stop and ask if they had an issue and basically confront the situation to abate the anxiety of being followed but not everyone the same so men may have the same fears as the lady does in the picture based on how they were raised to deal with given situations. I know some woman that would just as easily walk up say you got a problem....
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