Motivating Employees - great motivated employee put a less...

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Motivating Employees Chad McKenrick Axia College of the University of Phoenix July 7, 2011
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There are many reasons to have motivated employees and to get them motivated if they are not when you hire them as employees. Companies all have quotas and deadlines that have to be met or they lose business or collapse and fail as a company. When you first hirer people you can soon see who are the already motivated individuals and the ones that are not. Some employees can work all night and get their job done and do more just for the benefit of hearing “Good Job” by their boss and know they have been noticed and think of company advancement which would be extrinsic motivation because they got the praise from their boss. I work more toward Intrinsic motivation I like to work hard because one of two things end up happening I finish work early or time seems to fly and the night does not drag for me and seems to go fast. When you have employees not one thing will work on them. For instance you can have a
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Unformatted text preview: great motivated employee put a less motivated on with them and so as not look bad they step up and work as hard as that good employee though this is not always the case. This works sometimes to it does with me when you put to motivated employees together and they are doing their work as a competition to see who can do more or do the best job others see this as they are enjoying what they are doing and can be motivated by just seeing them two employees going at it and having fun with it. The problem here is finding what motivates the employees not all things work for everyone and it takes time to figure it out. Like the holiday months if employees know that if they do a good job make quotas that there will be a extend lunch with a party or maybe get a ham or turkey to take home for free this can be a great motivator because it saves them money and show thanks for a good job on everyones part....
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Motivating Employees - great motivated employee put a less...

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