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The statement “psychology has a long past but short history” to me would probably refer to the fact we have always had great thinkers threw our history that would have great insight to many different things. The actual science in psychology with science backing up the research with documented facts and the many different facets in this field and the new concepts that are forming in today’s society. The new equipment that science has come up with in the past 100 years and the breakthroughs today are providing many new insights of the brain and functions of the body and psychology theories. I do not think one person or on perspective and played more
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Unformatted text preview: or less in psychology. The way I look at it at some point it is all intertwined and from what I read in chapter 1 it seems that a lot of the deferent types of psychology are beginning to look at other aspects and facets in psychology than just their own to formulate their theories and hypothesis. Though if I had to choose a particular area it would probably be social psychology because I like to understand why people do things and the causes of people’s reactions to things around them....
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