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I do not think gender, race, or ethnicity play much of a role in my behavior. I grew up with my mother because she had gotten a divorce from my father when I was very young. That said we were low income and were we live every race and ethnicity lived there so I grew up living in an environment that did not stress on what race, ethnicity you were or if you was a woman because there were a lot of single mothers also. My mother and I also have dated outside of white because we just do not see color or race as a factor when it comes to people. I believe that I feel this way because of how I was raised. Had I been raised with my father I probably would not have the outlook I do now because they are very ill say southern like I remember many times
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Unformatted text preview: when my grandfather would go on a rampage because the person my mother was with was not white. I judge a person by how they act when around them I hate when I am with someone and they make snap judgments about someone based on their race or ethnicity. The town I am in has so many now you wonder how people can make judgments like that living in my town though I can see it every day if I go out woman putting men down because their men and men doing the same back the age old man versus woman story. One thing in my town there are a lot of Latinos I use this term generally. I say this because some get very angry when you mess up exactly where they come from and fly right off the depend end if you get it wrong....
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