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week 3 dq 2 - handed people are more associated with...

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The last thing I was at similar to this scenario was when I changed jobs and had a 3 day orientation it had speakers and power point presentations listening to people talk all-day I can say most of it went to my short term memory and was discarded shortly after mainly because listening to a speaker gets boring to me and I tend to wander mentally. The power points and any speaker that had something in a project tended to make it past my short term memory to my long term memory. This is because I could associate the words with the images on the screen and that made me much more likely to store the information. The reading we did last said left
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Unformatted text preview: handed people are more associated with imagery which I think I true because I am left handed and I cannot remember names for the life of me but if you show me a picture of the person I know them right off the bat compared to ask me their name and I will not remember. The information process model can help with memory retention because everyone learns things in a slightly different way you can look at it and find what works best for you and apply it to help remember more than you normally may for me it would be picture association and word association to increase my memory retention....
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