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American Me Identity - Derek Hull Dr Kristen Williams AMS...

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March 11, 2011 Derek Hull Dr. Kristen Williams AMS 205 Section H American Me: Identity What is identity? Is it a person’s name and personal information or is it something more? There are two types of identities that are most common, a personal identity and a social identity. Personal identity can be described as, “conventionally arbitrates taste and lifestyle” (Carla Kaplan, Keywords, p.123). This is saying that a personal identity is something the individual chooses. Social identity can be described by, “the meaning of relational and mutable identifications” (Kaplan, Keywords, p.124). This is saying that a social identity is not chosen by a person but instead placed on them from the outside. When thinking about how I identify myself, I use the categories of race and sex. I say that I use those categories because when I thought of this essay I thought of myself as male and white. I became aware of my identities of white and male very early in my life, just like most individuals. I became aware of being white the first time that I saw a different skin tone. It was then that, like most children, I asked my parents why the person was different from me. My race is a social identity. I did not choose to be white, but the combination of my skin and the dominant discourse of society dictated that I would be
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American Me Identity - Derek Hull Dr Kristen Williams AMS...

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