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AMS Final Study - A MS Final Study Vocab Culture i...

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AMS Final Study Vocab Culture – integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief and behavior that depends upon human capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations Body Politic – the people of a democracy Intersectionality – multiple identity categories can apply to one person, group or thing Methodology – the way that something is done Interdisciplinarity – study same subject in many different ways, same interest different way to approach Norm – what is expected in society, the common, can be done by all Passing – the idea of passing yourself off as a different identity, dress rich when poor, dress poor when rich, pass as something to get something don’t deserve Personal Identity – identity that you choose for yourself Social Identity – identity that is chosen for you by society Americanization – the idea of assimilation specifically in America Assimilation – the idea of conforming to a certain society Survivance – perseverance of cultural identities Dis/ability – given lower order in society, can’t perform others norm, disability = departure from unstated physical norm Sex – binary, names what a person has and is Gender – social construction of sex, performed, can be chosen Sexual Identity – person’s chosen or assigned sex category, male, female, intersex Sexuality – person’s preferred sexual acts and partners Economic Class – class identity that is formed by how much money you have at your disposal, same as financial class Social Class – class resonates with implications of value, quality, respectability, and religious virtue, performance of certain criteria (money, beliefs, etc) National Myth – stories that we tell to explain complexities to banish contradictions, simplify society, taken for granted, Thanksgiving
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Dominant Narrative – the main story that is told in society Counter Narrative – another way to tell a story, not the dominant Hegemony – an invisible power structure inside a society, helps to shape decisions without our knowledge Folkway – ways of the everyday people. Popular Culture
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AMS Final Study - A MS Final Study Vocab Culture i...

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