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Material Culture - 03/31/2011 Derek Hull Dr. Kristen...

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03/31/2011 Derek Hull Dr. Kristen Williams AMS 205 Sec. H Material Culture In the analysis of materials, scholars can be questioned about why they are doing so. Materials do not give an insight into anything significant. However, as it has been discussed in class, materials can be a significant sign of a person and how they identify themselves. When I was thinking about the identity that would be represented by a material, I thought of my gender identity. Gender can be defined as a, “theory focused upon what is now widely (and variably) referred to as “performativity”” (Judith Halberstam, Keywords, p.116) and as a way to “formalize the distinction between bodily sex (male and female) and social roles (masculinity and femininity)” (Halberstam, Keywords, p. 117). This is different from sex, which we defined in class as, “names something an individual is or has and determined by apparent physical characteristics” (Kristen Williams, 2/15/2011). Gender is a chosen identity while sex is not. So while gender and sex are very similar, I will focus on my gender identity, since that is one that I choose. My Green Bay Packers hat represents my gender identity. This is a very basic baseball cap style hat. It is mainly green, with white on the bill, the Packers “G” logo on the front, and the NFL logo on the back (see attached pictures). Wearing this hat with its NFL logo is one way
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Material Culture - 03/31/2011 Derek Hull Dr. Kristen...

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