Place and Identity

Place and Identity - 04/14/2011 Derek Hull Dr. Kristen...

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04/14/2011 Derek Hull Dr. Kristen Williams AMS 205 Sec. H Place and Identity Identity can be defined by a particular place in the big space of the world. What exactly is the difference between place and space? Well space is defined as, “the word “space” represents the desentimentalized (some would say the dehumanized) postmodern version of place” (Lucy Lippard, p.9). This means that an individual has no emotional connection to it. This is in contrast to the definition of place which is given as, “Place is latitudinal and longitudinal in a person’s life. It is temporal and spatial, personal and political” (Lippard, p.7). This means that a person has attachment to the place. The place invokes strong emotion in the person. The identity that I will be using is the identity of dis/ablity. A disability can be defined as, “the unorthodox made flesh, refusing to be normalized, neutralized, or homogenized” (Rosemarie G. Thomson, p.24). My identity is derived from the lack of physical disability that I have. I can look around at those that have a physical disability and realize that I have the ability to do so much. It is also an identity that I really only realize when I am faced with the contrast. My ability is so normal to me, I only notice and appreciate it when I see others around me that do not have the same ability as me. The place that I chose was the city of San Antonio.
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Place and Identity - 04/14/2011 Derek Hull Dr. Kristen...

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