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CHM Paper Parts - Supporting Evidence Americans are...

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Supporting Evidence Americans are drinking more bottled water now than ever before. They consume, “a grand total of nine billion gallons a year” (Environmental Nutrition, 2009). The problem with this increasing trend of drinking bottled water is that more and more research is finding that bottled water is not as healthy as it is believed to be. A study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) is the latest to show the problems with bottled water. This group tested ten different brands of bottled water in its study. It found that there were “38 pollutants in total” (Environmental Nutrition, 2009). The EWG found many different pollutants, ranging from arsenic to fertilizer residue to plasticizers. It is only fair to mention that these pollutants can be found in tap water, but there is a difference between the pollutants in tap water and bottled water. This difference is in the form of water quality reports. The article states that water utilities must send out a water quality report on July first, while bottled water companies do not. Consumers do not know what pollutants are in the bottled water that they are drinking or that drinking too
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CHM Paper Parts - Supporting Evidence Americans are...

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