Chapter 2 Notes - C hapter 2 Notes (Cognitive and Language...

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Chapter 2 Notes (Cognitive and Language Development) Development is the pattern of biological, cognitive, and socioemotional changes that takes place throughout a lifetime Processes and Periods Biological – changes in child’s body and mind, genetic Cognitive – changes in thinking, intelligence, and language Socioemotional – changes I relationships, personality Developmental Issues Nature-nurture issue Continuity-discontinuity issue – gradual, cumulative change or distinct stages Early-later experience issue – do early (infant) or later experiences influence development more? Can’t take one side to the extreme Development and Education Not too hard or easy, not too stressful or boring Splintered development = development is uneven across domains Cognitive Development The Brain Brain has plasticity or ability to change Development of Neurons and Brain Regions Brian’s nerve endings grow in size and # until adolescence Myelination = encasing many cells in the brain with a myelin sheath = increase speed of info through nerveous system Synapses grow and are pruned Brain Development in Middle and Late Childhood Change in prefrontal cortex = improved attention, reasoning, and cognitive control Thickness of cerebral cortex = increased language abilities Brain Development in Adolescence Corpus callosum = left and right hemispheres’ fibers more
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Chapter 2 Notes - C hapter 2 Notes (Cognitive and Language...

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