Chapter 5 Notes - Chapter 5 Notes Culture Behavior...

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Chapter 5 Notes Culture Behavior patterns, beliefs, and other products of group that are passed from one generation to the next People feel like things in their cultural are natural and those that aren’t are unnatural Cross-cultural studies = comparisons of culture, what degree people are similar and to what degree behaviors are specific to some cultures Individualist and Collectivist Cultures Individualist = values that give priority to individual goals, ex feeling good, personal distinction, independence (countries would be US, Canada, Britain) Collectivism = values that support group, ex preserve group integrity, interdependence of members, harmonious relationships (countries would be China, Japan, India) 4 things that reflect individualist values in parents for kids 1. Personal choice 2. Intrinsic motivation 3. Self-esteem 4. Self-maximization 3 things that reflect collectivist values in parents for kids 1. Connectectness to the family and other close relationships 2. Orientation to the larger group 3. Respect and obedience Families don’t endorse just one Cross-Cultural Comparisons of Adolescent’s Time Use US spent more time on schoolwork, paid work, more free time May have too much free time for ultimate learning Socioeconomic Status Grouping of people with similar occupational, educational, and economic characteristics Has affects on how the children develop The Extent of Poverty in America Depends on family structures and ethnic lines Educating Students from Low-SES Backgrounds More live in poverty, more stress Have lower test scores, lower graduation rates, lower college attendance May have inadequate facilities but have courage New Hope program is helping Ethnicity Shared characteristics such as cultural heritage, nationality, race, religion,
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Chapter 5 Notes - Chapter 5 Notes Culture Behavior...

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