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Derek Hull EDP 201 Service Learning Preflection The experience 1) Me I think that I will appreciate those who work with little children more I think that it will benefit me in seeing the value of patience when working with kids that may not learn as quickly 2) The Child I think that it will help to show the child the importance of reading and that someone cares about them Connecting the content and your experience 3) Cognitive Development According to Erikson’s Theory, I expect the student to be engaging in purposeful behavior and trying to master knowledge. I would look for the student to be paying attention and to trying to answer any question I have for the student, also for him to ask questions 4) Language Development I expect the student to be able to speak in simple sentences and to be able
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Unformatted text preview: to relate words of the same area of speech to a stimulus. Something like when I say dog the student would say cat or some other animal. Some sign that the student is organizing their language. 5) Social – Emotional Development • I think that the child will generally be happy and like itself. I would look for a smile, upbeat demeanor, and being willing to talk about his home life. 6) Diversity • I think that it will play a big role. I think that if the student and I are of the same gender, ethnicity and background it will be a better experience. I would look for the student to be shy around me if not of the same gender and ethnicity. I would look for the student to be excited if of the same gender and ethnicity....
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