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Is full inclusion a basic civil right? I don’t think so. I think that a basic civil liberty would be to get an education. Giving an education to a special education student would not necessary mean full inclusion. I feel like as long as the school does all that it possibly can to give the best education possible to a special education student then I feel like that is meeting the basic civil rights of the student. I do think that every student should be educated in the same building as his or her fellow peers. I am thinking of students whose special needs would usually require them to be in separate schools. I think that every special needs student should have some time to socialize with other students. I think that time with their peers can help the special needs students to develop social skills. I also think that the time in contact with the special needs student would be beneficial to the non-special needs students, as it would
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Unformatted text preview: help them to learn how to accept differences. When it comes to where students should be educated I believe that the response to the instruction should be the biggest indicator of where the special needs student should be taught. I thin full inclusion should be the start and if the student can achieve than he or she should stay in the regular classroom. If the student has trouble then he or she should be partial pulled out to get special instruction. If the student still has trouble then he or she should be fully pulled out except for some time to gain social skills. I firmly believe that for special or regular education the instructional method that works best for the student is the one that should be used, be that full, partial or no inclusion for special education students....
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