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AAS Journal Notes Week 1 (02/12) – helping students on a computer program, has tutorial, practice, mastery exam. helped girl (Lucy), worked on Math, specifically it was pie graphs. Found the computer program to strict, didn’t like the idea of exact titles. Teacher is good, has fun with students, keeps control. Students get break to play computer games Week 2 (02/19) – helped Lucy, worked on Bar graphs, too strict again, don’t like having to have exact title or increments, had sub, didn’t force to do work, felt weird saying that had to do work, so did nothing for 30 min. Week 3 (02/26) – helped two guys (Mike?), was stuck doing science at first. Too easy to get around looking at the tutorials, same questions if fail mastery test, student did find way around, creative thinking. Helped with math after, did 30-60-90 triangles, was actually able to help Week 4 (03/05) – helped Mike again, did only science, the program puts some really hard questions on, I didn’t know, was able to help with some of them, did learn the stuff in
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