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Derek Hull EDT 190 Section A Adopt-A-School Reflection Essay Adopt-A-School This paper is a reflection of my Adopt-A-School experience. I experienced some triumphs and had some disappointing sessions. I got to experience some of the madness of a high school schedule. This experience raised questions about online learning that I had never thought I would ever encounter. It has helped to shed some light on what I can expect to face when I go out into the classroom. My Adopt-A-School (AAS) experience started on February 12 of this year, at Tallawanda High School. I went to my placement for a block of four weeks with the last day of that block being the fifth of March. I then had a block of four weeks off, two were scheduled days of spring break for Miami and Tallawanda, one was called off for OGT testing, and the last day that got called off was for a two-hour delay. I finished my AAS experience with a final block of four weeks that ended on the thirtieth of April. My specific placement at Tallawanda was in the CBI building. CBI is a program that allows students to take classes online and at their own pace. It seemed to me that all the students in this class were students at risk to not graduate. Also, the students had special adults come in and help them with skills like finding a job and how to be a good worker. The class did more than just help them in school; it helped and encouraged them to get jobs. The classes that they take are the ones that they either struggled with or that they need to pass to graduate and have failed them before. The students used a program from Butler Tech called Plato. This program really opened my eyes as to what online learning looks like. The teacher that was in charge of that classroom was Mrs. Schmitz.
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She was a good teacher for me to see how to run the class, as the students liked and respected her. My role in this placement was to help whichever student Mrs. Schmitz found that was doing math and that might need help. I would be there to help the student that I was working with, to just nudge them in the right direction and to help them to understand the math involved. I worked with four different students during this experience, Lucy, Collin, Mike, and Ashley. Each time that I helped these students I learned a little
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AAS Report - Derek Hull EDT 190 Section A Adopt-A-School...

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