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Teach a lesson plan - withitness. (Derek) Get into groups....

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Teach a lesson Start with Positive Learning Environment . 4 ideas. Modeling and Enthusiasm – one person be an enthusiastic teacher. Show youtube videos. Discuss what they think. (Derek) Caring – one person show opposite of enthusiasm. Explain but don’t model. (Erik) Positive Teaching Efficacy – talk about the two different types of teachers, touch base on this, we have already covered (Allison) Positive Expectations – have high expectations for all. Ask class for examples of teachers, how class reacted. (Erik) Transition with youtube video of kid climbing out the window. Talk about
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Unformatted text preview: withitness. (Derek) Get into groups. Prepare a skit about a situation you could face as a teacher. Situations • Parent-teacher conference – interaction with parents (Erik) • Fight in the hallway – violence/bullying (Allison) • You catch a student cheating – learner responsibility (Allison) • Disagreement among group – perspective taking (Derek) • Student misbehaves during lecture – intervening strategies (Derek) Wrap-up Now when you go to the next class…...
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