TER #1 - Derek Hull TER #1 Accountability and High-Stakes...

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Derek Hull TER #1 “Accountability and High-Stakes Testing” 01/19/10 EDT 190 Section A TER #1 Every since the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001, high-stakes testing has been a hot topic in the educational circles. The question is whether or not having these huge tests actually improves the education system or harms it? I think that high-stakes testing is not really improving the quality of the education that students are actually receiving. I think that accountability is a good idea but the way that it is done now does not help the students to receive the best education possible. The testing does not provide motivation for students to actually learn the material, just enough to learn how to regurgitate it on the test. Also, the tests are over by most students’ junior year so they do not have to worry about taking a big test and a test that they have to pass to graduate. Take the Ohio Graduation Test as an example; it is taken in the students’ sophomore year. If they do not pass all the sections they then have two chances a year, at least, to pass the sections they failed. Yes a student needs to pass the OGT to graduate but they are offered so many chances that the student is able to get
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TER #1 - Derek Hull TER #1 Accountability and High-Stakes...

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