TER #4 - Derek Hull TER #4 Zero Tolerance 02/09/10 EDT 190...

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Derek Hull TER #4 “Zero Tolerance” 02/09/10 EDT 190 Section A TER #4 Zero tolerance is a controversial issue regarding the safety of schools. The issue is whether or not it is helping students or just setting them up to fail. This question is based on the amount of suspensions that are handed out. Another reason is the disparity between whites and minorities. I personally think that zero tolerance policies are a good idea in general. I think that they do help to protect the students. Students know that they are not able to get away with doing certain things. They know that if they do things that are against the zero tolerance policy than they could possibly be expelled. Any student that wants to succeed will not want to risk his or her education by doing something stupid and getting expelled. Another good thing about zero tolerance policies, in my mind, is the added security that schools have to go with the policy. I think that metal detectors and security details do a lot of good for the security of a school. It shows the students that the people
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TER #4 - Derek Hull TER #4 Zero Tolerance 02/09/10 EDT 190...

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