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Phil 110 Ishmael Study Questions Pt. 2 Chapter 9 1. When/How does the Taker story begin?  When does it end? 2. What knowledge do the Leavers lack that the Takers have? 3. What is the knowledge of the gods? 4. How have the Takers demonstrated that they know the  right way to live ?  What  would it mean for the Takers to give up this knowledge? Chapter 10 1. What is culture and what are its characteristics? 2. How did Takers come to be “cultural amnesiacs”? 3. What, in Taker culture,  does  get saved and passed on? 4. What knowledge did Takers and Leavers accumulate? Chapter 11 1. Before Ishmael allows the conversation to move forward, he insists that the pupil  explain and defend himself.  What must he explain and why does Ishmael push 
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Unformatted text preview: him to do this? 2. What, according to Mother Culture, is wrong with people who embrace agriculture? 3. Why, according to Ishmael, is original mans life not dreadful? Do you agree or disagree? Explain. 4. Takers=________________________; Leavers=________________________ Chapter 12 1. What happens to Leavers that does not happen to Takers? 2. What is the premise to each story (Taker and Leaver)? 3. What is not a shabby destiny for man? 4. What program does Ishmael prescribe? 5. What is the modern prison industry? What is its function? Chapter 13 1. What are the 2 messages on Ishmaels poster?...
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