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Review Questions What information is shown by - a boxplot? a histogram? a scatterplot? a 2-way table? What information is given by - the standard deviation? the number z? the number r? What is the 95% rule? What is a lurking variable? How do we find the conditional distribution in a 2-way table? What information does that give? What was our interpretation of the chance of an outcome? In calculating chances, when should we multiply the chances, and when should we add? What does it mean for outcomes to be independent? What makes a study an “experiment?” What are the features of a well-designed experiment? What are some of the ethical considerations in doing experiments?
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Unformatted text preview: How do we find the mean and standard deviation of a random variable? What information does the mean of a random variable give us? What is the Law of Large Numbers? What does the Central Limit Theorem say? What does a confidence interval do? How do we make one? What does the confidence percent mean? What does a statistical test decide? What is “the null hypothesis? “ What is P the chance of? What is the problem with doing a lot of statistical tests? What is the effect of the sample size on a confidence interval? on the value of P?...
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