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Unformatted text preview: Without a question college is an investment most hope would blossom into a prosperous future. But this investment does not come cheap. College tuitions are on the rise while the nation feels the grind ofthe economic recession and high unemployment rate, the issue of money has started to.cloud the minds 6% students. Anvunavoidgble flat" of being Zeol‘iégé student. is realiiing' books are not provided by the school free of charge. Every semester college students either have to buy or rent their text books from their college bookstores. A question that gets tosses around a lot, especially during the beginning of the school year, is: "How much did you spend on books * man (or girl)?" On this projectl interviewed a total of 20 college students from San Francisco. 10 students are from San Francisco State University (SFSU), and 10 from City College of San Francisco (CCSF). I was curious of how much did each of the students spend on their required . college text books. I asked the students to try to give an exact estimate of how much they spent - on their. books since the semester started and not everyone kept their receipts. The mean sum of 10 students attending SFSU yield a total of $166 dollars spent on college text books. The other 10 students attending CCSF yield a mean total of $188 dollars spent on college text books. . In the box plot diagram the information showed SFSU students had a larger range of money spent on text books compared to CCSF student. SFSU students spent between $65 to as high as $243 on books alone, whereas CCSF students spent between $70 to $225 on text books. The box i plot showed CCSF students seemed to have spent more on text book this semester than SFSU students. The data conducted cannot be used for a large scale assumption on all college students in the United State, as different regions could yield different data. A larger scale survey needs to be . conducted for a national average on the money spent on textbooks. The data obtained from SFSU and CCSF students are roughly rounded to the nearest dollar as the survey was conducted after many of the students had already bought their books and many did not keep their receipts for reference to my survey question. I believe majority of the respondents' answer were close to accurate, but not 100% as I requested them to round to the nearest dollar if they do not know the exact amount, and majority of them didn’t. I felt my question was framed in a way that would not be confusing for the respondent and would limit inaccurate data to stumble upon their answer. I allow permission for the information to be published on iLearn as well as an example of student work without my name‘printed on. fl m, A D m . , . y I 5.115? x y r ‘ - 35w _ . , u 5 ‘. 1:13.. 21:91:. 1! i5: r, z . t 1 . . E. l, ,1 I l; I .7}, .l . - « l f x l . . “ A , g ._ . . _ .w < . _ T; z,‘.‘.iiilzzs_iJ: ‘, 1 . , 1., - u” . .C', y y . § 11.7-? 1 1 4 V ‘ A . x >1 H w 2.1 . , u . ‘ y 1 2 ; l ., U N y i w m m _ .. : 3,1{111.555.}?Viki: 32!? , iii. : , .1542: . _ . a m a 1 _ _ T ‘ T!x+i;+5l‘l.1.1£l H . , u M. 4.1.1.! :\ . -15 l t :y x ; . . . _1r|.1 I44... W ... iw(1171??!Titrli:1131 .11! I 8;. .:.i:;? a. 1:91 1,111.1: . i, , a. : {37:31: . :7! v V ,MJ ,. Ilium? 5.!1_Z..x.m_!§r! ,. u; . , m mu m ‘f . l .m l v a . a: 13.11,. 1:37 onuswwflo ‘ .__\ abéw _ " +2.? ,. 71-7 .r . + 7037: 6:2? . Ev“ ...
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