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Student_paper_-_Survey_Project_2_-_1[1] - Survey Project 2...

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Unformatted text preview: Survey Project 2 Report The explanatory variable is the number of cup‘s'of beer consumed at a party by an individual and the response variable is the numberof cigarettes smoked at a party by an individual. The question for the explanatory variable asked subjects the average numberof cogs of beer drunken while they attended parties and the question for the response variable asked subjects the average number of cigarettes smoked while they attended parties. Results on the scatterplot showed a positive but weak association between variables. The value of r equal to .2714 added to this notion of a weak positive association. in addition to the value of r and the pattern of plots on the scatterplot, the regression equation (y—hat =0.0136x+.6636) revealed a line with a moderate but positive slope. Plotting and observing the data on the scatterplot, determining the value of r on the scatterplot and drawing the regression line on the scatterplot were effective ways to describe the relationship between the variables for this survey. Since the analysis showed a weak, but positive association between the use of alcohol and the use of cigarettes while at parties, it may seem appropriate to conclude that the use of alcohol at parties may be associated with use of tobacco at parties. important to note though, there exists an outiier on the scatterplot of one subject who drank ten drinks at parties as well as smoked ten cigarettes while at parties, so the results may also have been subject to such an outlier. ‘ While zero percent of those who drank less than four drinks smoked any cigarettes, more than fifty percent of those who drank four or more drinks smoked at least one cigarette while at parties. Although i should mention, the two heaviest drinkers while at parties claimed that they did not smoke any cigarettes while at parties. As a former smoker, l was curious to see how users of alcohol tended to behave while drinking, tending to smoke more or less. Historically, as a heavy user of alcohol and tobacco, l knew that if i was going to any occasion where alcohol was going to be served, i knew to have . my pack of cigarettes ready in case my friends wanted to take mine or to just make sure that i had enough for myself. This was because i knew that l tended to become extra cigarette hungry when l was drinking and my friends also like to smoke as well. As a result, i designed this survey to satisfy my curiosity to see if others agreed with this notion of mine. Helen Finkelstein has . ' . . ‘ . :7" permission to post Survey Project- Part 2 on the iLearn site and has his permission to post hisSurvey Project — Part 2 as an example of student work (without name). Hgfiuumkfiwflww: 79 , maxi V m Wary» vmwdfiflwwflmfiufiwfiufimfigfl. mhflrg m: 5 5,0”? A Page? A aw .wf musk Amt a 3. y ...2 .flva) Si .% ‘ K a a y, ,W W , x 2 m a P\flum A a ;a a @ M g r a 5 F%_ k: a m D 0/ f «H .k h 3 EM ‘8“ f Cw «133% In.“ 4 \ C Sun? / t‘ 3 mvz a, FL w w, 1% w WE . x w meW v; g g . pm pm ., 6 w w fl“ % omwx mfl$ 1mm :4. Mn“ ,\\S MA.“ 5&0 thWM V ,,E FL (,1 m i“ a a 3 W W v w v a m w M & um. D 5‘ m w v’g}\ “L , 3. 4a km 1:. D, $3 by; ' my 04'4"? E3: R‘n—n -. \qu S L o— fififlfimw A a . ““7 W... , um.~._ J .Béfigaa-gfiafi‘ ,0 Mann-hula" a m. I «F N 027%) .w,, WQWO7%3%O “Intel: ml fiT‘I/firvwi mwp. %%%33;%3m%1fl3a% N flauwfiw44K/1WaudeVHQ77mm a. van a. J - Iv N ziads, ézzzzgzlw an In: .5 . .l‘yv yéfiéjh 7&77377 XML. , 2.33.30 :33: bé g». _ , vangw. flycafi. ,%§W%£%W?iqa_. s a a W m a a“ a m x ; flaw 77m77?7w r... :7? $fi$$é§fiflflfifl$flé6 Bijggwiwbifwbhflwwawlcbfi /.,/»«o,,n,..afi 00.0 a... a I (.WAUQWUOa SQ mtcwwfiaaawtulanbansnamflviv note m5§.Asss7flaA7A?7% nuns. w». G1 EV Z .ui\ \nqfig In... {NJ-Rumpwfifiimm . fii\i§2§ii§£€i§§§aig V%$%%#£&L%b&%$ \ a e , (.11mllm‘2w .377 tips-313‘ (N EX ...
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Student_paper_-_Survey_Project_2_-_1[1] - Survey Project 2...

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