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Survey Project - Part 2 1. For this survey, choose explanatory and response variables. For each variable ask two questions - one with a quantitative answer (a number), and one with a categorical answer (not a number). So you will be asking four questions. See my example below. Ask your questions to a group of people. For best results, there should be 10 to 15 people in your group. 2. In this project, you will be using the results of the quantitative questions, analyzing your data with correlation/regression analysis. Save the results of the other two questions for the next project. Make a scatterplot of your data, and find the value of r. Find the equation of the regression line and draw the line on your scatterplot. 3. Write a report, including your variables and the quantitative questions your results from #2 a paragraph or two describing the relationship between your variables, using the results of #2 a paragraph or two about how well you think this analysis describes the relationship between your variables,
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