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Survey Project - Part 3 This project will use the results of the categorical questions you asked in the second project. 1. Make a 2-way table using the responses to the categorical questions. 2. Write a report, including the questions you asked the 2-way table a paragraph or two describing the relationship between your variables, using the results of #1 a paragraph or two about how well you think this analysis describes the relationship between your variables, and any other relevant thoughts you have. a statement of whether this analysis agrees with the results of the second project, and if it does not, why you think that it does not a statement of whether or not I have your permission to post your report on the
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Unformatted text preview: class iLearn site, and whether or not I have your permission to publish it as an example of student work (without your name). This project is due March 17th . It counts as 5% of your course grade. I will post some of the reports on the class iLearn site. Keep your paper. I will be happy to help you with any difficulties, or to look over your draft. Grading considerations : meeting the requirements: 60%, appropriate and sensible conclusions: 30%, clarity and organization: 10%, interest of your topic: 10% Late papers will lose 1 point per class meeting. Papers that do not meet the requirements can be re-done, but they will be counted as late papers....
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