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Instructions for Oral History Project Cambodian American Experiences AAS 3939 Selecting a subject Subject must be a Cambodian American! Remember that for an oral history, the person whom you are interviewing must have lived through that event or time period and must be able to recall details and other memories. Who should you choose to interview? a relative a friend a neighbor a member of your community a friend’s family Make an Interview Appointment: Circle Day: Monday -Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday -Saturday - Sunday Date:___/___/___ Time:________a.m./p.m. Remember that the interview is probably an important event to your subject. Set up a special time and date so that both of you can prepare for the meeting and so that you will have time to review your final product. It may be helpful, when you speak with your subject on the phone, to ask him or her what he/she would like to talk about. This will help you prepare your questions for the interview. You even may want to send your
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Instructions_for_Oral_History_Project--JLee - I nst...

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