StudyGuideDueDates - the semester. Last day for extra...

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Cambodian American Experiences: Histories, Communities, Cultures, and Identities Study Guide Schedule Instructions: Starting on week three, Study Guide assignments will be due to me by Thursday, 3 p.m. each week. Select corresponding section for each assigned reading is due as indicated on this schedule. You can either cut out the pages from the Study Guide workbook, or make xerox copies of them. Print your name neatly and clearly on the top right corner. Extra credit: You may earn extra credit by completing the unassigned Study Guide section. 10 points for each chapter. This can be turned in anytime during
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Unformatted text preview: the semester. Last day for extra credit is Dec. 9. This assignment can be hand written (although, you may type it as well, if you like). Due Dates SG 1: Due Thursday, Sept. 9 Chapter 1 SG 2: Due Thursday, Sept. 16 Chapters 2 and 4 SG 3: Due Thursday, Sept. 23 Chapters 6 and 8 SG 4: Due Thursday, Sept. 30 Chapters 9 and 11 SG 5: Due Thursday, Oct. 7 Chapters 13 and 14 SG 6: Due Thursday, Oct. 14 Chapters 21 and 23 SG 7: Due Thursday, Oct. 21 Chapters 27 and 30 SG 8: Due Thursday, Oct. 28 Chapters 15 and 16 SG 9: Due Thursday, Nov. 18 Chapters 27 and 29 SG 10: Due Thursday, Dec. 2 Chapters 25 and 34...
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StudyGuideDueDates - the semester. Last day for extra...

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