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assignment 3 - key personnel from the CBO, research how...

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Asian American Social Issues Group Research Project: As a semester long project, we are taking AAS out of the classroon and learning about ongoing  issuues that currently impact the Asian American population. Choose a social issue that impacts an  Asian American community then select an Asian American Community based organization (CBO)  that addressed this issue. A CBO is defined as a not-for-profit organization 501c(3) founded in the  United States, serving the Asian/Asian American community in the field of history, direct services,  civil rights/advocacy, and culture/arts. Based on research and oral interviews with a staff person or 
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Unformatted text preview: key personnel from the CBO, research how this issue developed in the community, what are their needs, what action/program does the CBO utilize to address these concerns, and what would be possible solution(s) YOU suggest for this issue. Also as important is learning to work with diverse team members. From project development and time management to developing communication skills and learning how to deal with conflict and resolution. These are important in the university environment and later on in your daily personal and professional life....
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