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Extra Credit Assignments: Extra credit is optional with maximum 2 assignments allowable for the semester (4 pts each).  Announcements on Asian American events will be posted on iLearn. They are APPROVED  assignments. If you wish to participate in an event that is not listed, please request approval and  inclusion into iLearn otherwise that assignment WILL NOT be valid. After attending the event, YOU must write a minimum two-page double spaced report on the event. 1. Describe the nature of the event: Type of event, time and place, who sponsored and  organized it and for what purpose.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Who is the target audience and who is attending? 3. How does this event contribute, maintain, or break the perpetuation of the Asian American community? 4. Did you observe anything that could be considered a specific reflection of the Asian American community/culture? Reports must be received no more than one week after the event. Late papers will not count for extr a credit. Extra credit does not mean automatic full points. Full credit will depend on the insight and reflection gathered regarding the event attended....
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