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Jeannie Woo Fall 2011 AAS 200 Social Issues in the Community - Group Project Guidelines (30%) Each member of the group must play a significant role in the project. After being divided into working groups, you must select a “Project Lead” who will be responsible for initiating meetings and facilitating discussion where needed. The Lead will also assist in delegating tasks and managing the group project. Whoever undertakes this role will gain an additional 5 points to their overall grade pending the quality of work. Everyone will receive the same project grade except for the written analysis in the paper which is individually submitted and graded. If the group feels one member is not living up to their responsibility, the group can petition to remove the member from their project. A CONSENSUS from the group must be reached before approaching the instructor. I. Paper (15%) Typed, double spaced, 12-15 pages long. Choose a social issue that impacts an Asian American community, trace the historical development of this issue to current timeframe and contextualize it around the socio-political factors that impact it. Then select an Asian American Community based organization (CBO) that addresses this issue. A CBO is defined as a not- for-profit organization 501c(3) founded in the United States, serving the Asian/Asian American community in the field of history, direct services, civil rights/advocacy, and culture/arts. Based on research and oral interviews with a staff person or key personnel from the CBO, research how this issue developed in the community, what are their needs, what action/program does the CBO utilize to address these concerns, and what would be possible solution(s) YOU suggest for this issue. For the CBO discuss how the course of their establishment in America is tied to larger socio-political and economic developments and historical trends discussed in this class. You must provide detailed information about the organization’s life, direct connections to historical events and patterns, as well as offer a critical appraisal of how the changing socioeconomic, cultural, and political roles affect the organization’s effectiveness. Remember to be sensitive to the varied
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Social_Issues_in_the_Community_-_Group_Project_Guidelines -...

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