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Human Anatomy (Bio 328.1-6) Course Information Spring 2011 Course description . A study of the anatomical structure of the human body. Body structure will be studied by organ systems and will involve a balance between gross anatomical study and histology. Form-function relationships will be emphasized. The laboratory study will involve working with human skeletal collections and dissection of cadavers and preserved specimens. . Describe the structure, composition and functions of the organ systems of the human body. Describe how the organ systems function and interrelate. Learn basic technical terminology and language associated with anatomy. Describe how humans adapt through their anatomical design. Describe how the anatomy of humans relates to that of other vertebrate animals. Describe how human structure is unique and adaptive. Describe how human structures develop embryonically. Develop a self-identity of what it means to be “human”. Vesalius, 1543 Learning Objectives: Skills Use the process of dissection to investigate anatomical structure. Use the microscope to investigate anatomical or histological structure. Learn how to study, interpret and care for anatomical specimens. Learn to interpret anatomical and histological sections and preparations. Learn procedures that are standard practice in an anatomy laboratory. Be aware of laboratory safety concern and how to apply safe practices in the laboratory. Be able to obtain desired information about human structures, functions or pathology using common references. Prerequisites. Students must have satisfactorily completed a college laboratory course in general biology with a grade of “C” or better, and have a contemporary understanding of cell and tissue structure & function. Students should have at least upper division standing. Note: Anatomy is not a beginning biology course. Lecture Instructor : Dr. S. C. Williams, office: Hensill Hall 216, (415) 338-1695, email: [email protected] Office hours: Tues 9:30- 11:30, and by prior appointment. Additional information about your instructor may be found at his web site: http://online.sfsu.edu/~williams Laboratory instructors: Names, schedules and office hours for lab instructors will be announced in lab and on the course ilearn website. Laboratory instructors may be contacted through the Biology Dept office at 338-1548, or email. Messages may also be left with the biology dept. secretary. Lab instructors have mailboxes in the biology office mailroom. Lecture instruction . Lectures are organized by organ system and key anatomical illustrations are emphasized. Normally the subject matter of each lesson is outlined in a PowerPoint presentation, which will usually be accessible
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A_Syl_S2011 - Human Anatomy(Bio 328.1-6 Course Information...

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