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Concessives[1] - J oin t he f ollowi~tgs entences u s d...

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Join the followi~tg sentences us directed usirzg cotzcessivrs. 1. My friend has no sense when it comes relationships. My friend always tries to meet new people. a) Join from the point of vie~v of a person exasperated with their friend's failed rela tionships. b) Join from the point of view of a person who admires their friend's outgoing personality. 2. SFSU is close to several public transportation stops. SFSU has very limited parking. a! join from the point of view of a college student without a car who takes the bus evcry day. b) Join from the point of view of a college student who drives his car to school every day. 3. The Matrix lievolutions showcases some pretty impressive special effects. 'The Matrix Revolutions did not receive as positive reviews as the first two movies in the series.
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  • Spring '11
  • GeorgiaG
  • Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5, college student, public transportation stops, card vendors, redit card vendors

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