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Integrated Reading-Writing Sentence Combining Exercise: FANBOYS DIRECTIONS: Part A: Read the story all the way through. Then read the story again, but read it aloud. How would you – the reader - describe the writing? Write your response at the bottom of the page. Part B: Combine the sentences using FANBOYS (coordinators). Do not leave any information out. Hint: You should be able to revise the story so that you end up with 10 sentences. Mervyn’s Major Mervyn Rutabaga had his heart set on being a physics major. He was hopeless at math. He took extra classes. He got a tutor. He could not pass the classes. The tutor couldn’t seem to help him. He worked incredibly hard. Everyone in the math department was willing to help him. He realized he was going to have to improve. He was going to have to give up his ambition to
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Unformatted text preview: become a great physicist. In addition to his math problems, he was the despair of his physics teacher. His experiments never worked. The other students could produce vacuums when they had to. Nature abhorred Mervyn’s vacuums. Mervyn’s experiments were always unique. They inevitably proved that some basic law of nature no longer existed. Mervyn finally realized that he did not have it in him to become a great physicist. He changed his major to English. He believes that he can write the Great American Novel. At least he thinks he might learn to spell better. Adapted from an exercise developed by Jodi Naas/City College of San Francisco “Mervyn’s Major” from Texts and Contexts 6 th edition by Robinson and Tucker p. 131....
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