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Exercise The following exercise is like Melanie's Masterpiece, except that you are given no information about how to join the sentences. Choose the subordinator you think most appropriate to join the sentences, and be prepared to defend your choice by stating what the relationship between the sentences is. The Chocolate Addicts 1. Almost everyone loves chocolate. John and Mary were virtually addicted to it. 2. They could not have at least one piece of chocolate every day. They started to twitch. 3. They were able to eat an entire candy bar. Their eyes gleamed with new life. 4. Their dispositions became sunny, and their coats got glossy. They were able to acquire a chocolate truffle. 5. John preferred chocolate with nuts. Mary was a purist who preferred chocolate with chocolate.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Mary liked a cup of chocolate in the morning and a piece of chocolate at noon. John preferred a cup of chocolate at noon and a piece of choco- late in the evening. '7. They did not get their chocolate fix when they wanted it. They got sullcy and hard to be around. 8. One day John was ordered to stop eating so much chocolate. It was rot- ting his teeth. 9. At about the same time, Mary was told to lay off the chocolate. It was af- fecting her complexion. 10. They attempted to commit suicide by leaping into a vat of chocolate at the candy factory. They were saved by an alert guard and are now in a Hershey's Half-Way House. Robinson, William S. Texts and Contexts: A Contetnporaly Approach to College Writing, 51h en. Boston: ThomsodHeinle, 2003....
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