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Subordinating Conjunctions Although coordinators enable us to express a fairly wide range of logical rela- tionships, another group of words provides us with an even greater resource of this kind. These words are called subordinators. There are a great many subordinators, and there is no point in trying to remember all of them. Some of the most common are because, if; since, although, while, and unless. Subordinators function in a somewhat different way from coordinators, the FANBOYS words. While coordinators go between sentences to join them, subordinators do not. Instead, subordinators attach to sentences, and when a subordinator attaches to a sentence, it turns a sentence into a dependent clausethat is, a group of words that is no longer a sentence. You will remem- ber that coordinators can introduce complete sentences. Subordinators can- not do that; they can introduce only former sentences, sentences that have become dependent clauses. Go over the following examples carefully: Coordinators She entered law school.
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