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Subord_MM_T_C[1] - ate attendance at her side[condition 4...

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Exercise Combine the following pairs of sentences by using subordinators. The sen- tence to be made into a dependent clause is underlined, and the logical rela- tionship you should express is indicated, as in these examples (be sure to pay attention to the punctuation of dependent clauses in this exercise) : She had a baby. She took time off from work. [cause] Solution: Because she had a baby, she took time off from work. He was laid off from his job. He was a hard worker. [opposition] Solution: He was laid off from his job although he was a hard worker. Melanie 3 Masterpiece 1. No one can understand it. Melanie Birdseed considers herself a talented artist. [opposition] 2. Anyone is unfortunate enough to visit her apartment. She immediately shows them her last twelve paintings. [time] 3. It is absolutely impossible to avoid this fate. You can convince her that your ancient and beloved grandmother is dying and needs your immedi-
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Unformatted text preview: ate attendance at her side. [condition] 4. Melanie's paintings are so awful. They have never been exhibited outside of her living room. [cause] 5. She showed me her latest masterpiece. I couldn't figure out what it was. [time] 6. I stared at it. My eyes started to cross. [time] 7. I was trying my best to see something there. What it really looked like to me was a pile of tangled coat hangers. [opposition] 8. I finally guessed a wheat field. I knew she would never paint a pile of coat hangers. [cause] 9. I had actually put a foot through her canvas. Her reaction couldn't have been worse. [condition] 10. It was obvious I knew nothing about art, she said. At least she thought I would recognize coat hangers when I saw them. [opposition] Robinson, William S. Texts and Contexts: A Contemporary Approach to College Writing, 5th ed. Boston: ThomsonIHeinle, 2003....
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