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Syllabus_S09_42[1] - First-Year Composition I II Integrated...

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First-Year Composition I & II: Integrated Reading and Writing English 104 - 105 Instructor: Patty Baldwin Section 42 Office: HUM 134 Fall 2009 - Spring 2010 Phone: 338-7033 Time: T/R 4 :10-6:20 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Wed. 11:00 - 2:00 & By Appt. Mailbox: HUM 125 Goal The purpose of this course is to help you develop your writing and reading skills and become a successful college reader/writer. Course Objectives To help you understand the processes of reading: 1. Read rapidly enough to comprehend 2. Read a wide range of materials (expository, fiction, hypertext) written from different points of view 3. Internalize and apply a variety of effective reading and study strategies 4. Generate your own questions about texts 5. Recognize and utilize tone in your reading and writing To help you develop a metacognitive understanding of the processes of reading, writing, and thinking: 1. Set purpose and goals for your reading and writing 2. Talk and write about the processes of reading and writing 3. Reflect on learning and revise approach to maximize efficiency 4. Use reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking opportunities to improve all communication processes To help you understand the rhetorical properties of reading and writing: 1. Produce writing that has a clearly identifiable point of view 2. Organize your essays in ways that are appropriate to your topic, audience, and purpose 3. Use reading and writing to develop and support your stance 4. Write cohesive, well-focused paragraphs 5. Become experienced in a variety of idea-generating tools (clustering, freewriting) 6. Write well-focused sentences that employ a range of sentence combining options 7. Give and receive constructive criticism To help you engage in reading and writing as a way to make meaning: 1. Participate in academic discussions 2. Build a concise reading and writing lexicon 3. Identify main points and write a main point summary 4. Analyze and evaluate texts 5. Integrate reference materials into your writing to support your ideas and to cite them properly 6. Revise your reading and your writing To help you develop satisfaction and confidence with reading and writing.
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Course Format Activity, small group work/discussion, full class discussion, occasional lecture, iLearn participation, & small group and individual presentations Course Requirements & Grading Policies Assignments You will be doing many reading and writing tasks in this class. Writing tasks include sentence combining exercises, responses to readings, email, on-line discussions, outlining, rough drafts and, of course, essays. Reading tasks include practice in increasing reading rate and comprehension, developing recall and interpretation skills, summarizing, researching, and selecting efficient study techniques. You are expected to complete all of the assignments for this class.
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Syllabus_S09_42[1] - First-Year Composition I II Integrated...

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