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Assignments - How did you spend the 60-90 minutes of...

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HW Assigned 2/9 1) Revise Simple Genius paragraph and post to iLearn before class meeting time on Thursday 2) WDE: post topic options (iLearn) 3) Complete Subordinator Review, Rder85 Due 2/16 4) Print and review Career Essay Assignment Sheet (iLearn) Thursday Assignments in place of attending class (2/11) 1) Peer Response on Simple Genius paragraph (iLearn) 2) Find information about careers (Either option A or B) A) Visit Career Center--physically OR B) Use Library Resources-- Research Guides: Jobs: A Basic List of Resources 3) Type up a paragraph detailing your information collection DUE: 2/16
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Unformatted text preview: How did you spend the 60-90 minutes of searching? What did you do? What did you find? 4) Use a library database to find 2 articles about your careers Type a detailed paragraph using CARS to evaluate each source DUE:2/16 HW Assigned 2/11 1) Career Essay: Collect Information on your careers 2) Bring typed final version of Simple Genius paragraph 3) WDE: Post 2 research questions (iLearn) 4) Continue working on Self-evaluation Project 5) Reminder: Bring Class Book Section 28: Always Running Due: 2/18 Section 34: Death in Venice Due: 2/25 Section 42: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Due: 2/18...
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