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careerRevisionGLs_10[1] - English 106 Spring 2010 REVISION...

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Patty Baldwin, IRW, SFSU, Spring 2010. English 106 Spring 2010 REVISION POLICY: You will be allowed to revise the career essay and the book review/literary analysis essay to improve your grade. If you get less than a C, revision will be REQUIRED. A revised essay may earn no more than an A-. Revision will not compensate for a late essay or a failure to participate in peer editing. In order to improve your grade, you must meet with me to discuss your proposed revisions, turn in all supporting documentation, and submit the revision on or before the date due. (from the Syllabus Addendum) Career Essay In order to improve your grade you must follow these guidelines: 1) You must meet with me about your essay before submitting a revision. Please bring your essay packet, including the second clean copy of your
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