GunViolence_127[1] - Congress t o a dopt t heir views Such...

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Congress to adopt their views. Such organizations ty to in- fluence politicians with campaign donations, media blitzes, and rallies. These activities cost mone~~, and, not surpris- ingly, the organizations with the most money tend to have the most political clout. The fate of gun control-irrespec- tive of violent crime studies and court decisions on the right of citizens to bear arms-is ultimately in the hands of politi- cians and the lobbyist groups that influence the~n. "Harldguns . . . [make] it possible to settle with fi17ality the passionnte dovzestic nypgzlments n~zd street disputes that produce most of 0147- hovzi~ides. " Gun Control Will Reduce Lethal Crime Richard E-lanvood I In the following viewpoint, Richard Hamrood contends that eli~ninating handguns would reduce America's murder rate. According to Hanvood, America has approxi~nately the same arnount of crime as other \.;Crestern nations, but what sets the United States apart is a much higher rate of lethal crime. He argues that making handguns less available would decrease the likelihood that corn~llonplace argilnlents and disputes would end fatallv. Richard Harwood was an editor and ombudsman for the mshi~zgton Post. As you read, consider the following questions: 1. How Inany a~llericans hare died since 1980 at the hands of other Americans, according to Hanvood? 2. What actions have politicians taken in a futile attempt to reduce violent crime, as stated by the author? 3. Why is murder a serious problem, in Hanvood's opinion? I'xcrsl)tetl horn ":\l~lcric:~'s Vnchcckcd Epicieluic," t)y liich~isd I~LII-L~ orltl, ~Ti.d7iiixto~~ 1' .\',/T;OI/,I/ Ll Lvkl\, I<dit;ui~. 1lecc1nl~e1- 8, 1007. (;op> right 0 I ()07 h!i'l'hc \\';tshington I'o\r \\'ritcr\ (;1-oup. Repr-intctl uith pel-mission. 126 127
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A rnericans have in\-ested a great deal of wealth and effort T countries, notably Colornhia, Me~co and Brazil. in this centuy to keep death at I~ay, and they hwe had IUly this is SO is a mystery to niedical scientists (psychin- lot of success. Cholera, smallpox, typhoid have been elinl- trists and psychologists incluifed) and to anthropologists and inated in this countrq:. Other diseases that once killed mil- social scientists as well. Politicians have no answers. ~h~ lions now are cured easily or prevented. The average her- wage filtile "wars" on crime, expand the police forces and the ican3s life span has been extended by nearly 30 j7e:1rs. offenses punishable b~. death, keep a rllillion citizens in prison, Health and llledical care have become our leading indus- beef up law enforcement agencies and equip them with eve?- ihTe spend more 011 tkse services than w spend for thing from tanks to helicopter gunships. Through it all, the food, housing, auto~nobiles, clothes or education. homicide rate remains al~ilost constant-roughly eight to 10 The Violence Epidemic m~~rders for eve?, 100,000 people in the course of a year.
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GunViolence_127[1] - Congress t o a dopt t heir views Such...

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