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Thanks to Jenna Palmer for this assignment. Instructor Interview What is expected of me in this class? Should I be taking notes during the lectures? What kind of questions will be on the test? What makes an “A” paper? No one can answer questions like these better than the instructor of your course. Every instructor has office hours during which they are available to answer any and all questions students have about particular assignments, topics discussed in class, or strategies for doing better in the class. Unfortunately, few students take advantage of this opportunity to familiarize themselves with their instructor’s knowledge and expectations. For this assignment you will be asked to meet with the instructor of one of your courses during office hours or by appointment. I have two goals in assigning you this task. The first is to make sure that you are using the best possible reading, writing and studying strategies to succeed in your most difficult class. The second is to start to bridge the
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Instr_Interview_S10[1] - Instructor Interview What is...

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