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Learning Strategically: A Plan of Action Successful students know how to learn: they reflect upon their own prior knowledge, set appropriate goals, select strategies, monitor their understanding, and alter their approach if necessary. In other words, successful students engage in metacognition —that is, thinking about thinking. Learning strategically means taking control of your own success by using your resources effectively. Remember, learning is essentially problem-solving.
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Unformatted text preview: Ask yourself: 1) what is my goal? 2) what do I need in order to accomplish that goal? Action Plans are intended to help you set goals, make a plan, reflect on your progress, and adjust your plan accordingly in the future. If you find these materials useful, you might consider photocopying them and continuing to use them on an ongoing basis. Problem-Solving: 5 Stages Ask questions Implement Plan Reflect Make a plan Set a goal...
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