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Extra Credit: Small Polished Essay For extra credit, you are to write a 3-4 page persuasive essay convincing me of your position on handguns: Should there be handgun control in America? Your position may reside at any point along the continuum, from a complete ban of all handguns to unrestricted handgun ownership and use. Since you are writing to me and trying to persuade me about your position on this issue, you should keep in mind my insistence on solid, step-by-step arguments, well-analyzed examples, and supporting data that backs up each of your points. In particular, a goal for this essay is to integrate a variety of sources to strengthen your position. As always, you will be expected to quote from appropriate sources in order to strengthen your argument. You will need to include at least 4 citations from different sources. Cite each document with the bibliographic information presented. Please submit the final essay, this assignment sheet, and the 3 document
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