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English 106 Syllabus Addendum Spring 2010 WELCOME BACK! PROJECTS The spring semester includes more independent projects offering you opportunities to pursue more of your own interests. However, time management will be crucial because the semester is not arranged around separate units. REQUIRED MATERIALS A reminder: You’ll need to purchase a Course Reader and the class novel/non-fiction book. Several course documents will need to be downloaded from the Internet or our course iLearn site. So, stock up on ink and paper or make sure you’ve got money dedicated to copying. Additionally, you will still need an overhead transparencies that can be re-used AND a pen. OFFICE HOURS My office hours are Wednesdays 10:00a - 1:00p. Feel free to drop by. I am also available by phone or via email. Appointments may be made in advance for other times. GRADING POINT VALUES: Attendance/Participation/Homework 100 (calculated as a percentage) Self-Evaluation Project
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Unformatted text preview: 100 Career Comparison/Contrast Essay 100 Book Review/Literary Analysis 100 Larger Assignments 70 estimated Interpreting History OPTIC Presentation Survey Presentation Book Review/Literary Analysis Projects Well-Documented Essay Process 130 Well-Documented Essay Project 100 Polished Small Essay (Extra Credit) 30 ENGLISH 114 PROOFREADING STANDARD: More than 3 proofreading (and grammar that we have covered) errors per page = NP. REVISION You will be allowed to revise the career essay and the book review/literary analysis essay to improve your grade. If you get less than a C, revision will be REQUIRED. A revised essay may earn no more than an A-. Revision will not compensate for a late essay or a failure to participate in peer editing. In order to improve your grade, you must meet with me to discuss your proposed revisions, turn in all supporting documentation, and submit the revision on or before the date due....
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