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WDE_2010[1] - Well-Documented Essay(WDE Project Spring 2010...

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Well-Documented Essay (WDE) Project Spring 2010 Overview This project consists of: 1. Plan of Action Any large project requires organization and time management skills. In this section you’ll detail your plan for several segments of this project. 2. Idea Draft It is important to record what you knew, and did not know, about your subject before you started your research. This helps to insure that you are quite clear in your own mind what you are looking for, and helps to measure, at the end of your search, the distance you have covered. There is no need to research what you already know about. The point is to increase your knowledge, not repeat it. Second, by exploring the reasons you are drawn to this area of investigation and what you hope to find out from it, you will establish clear goals for your project, including your specific research question. (Minimum 270 words) 3. Well-Documented Essay, including an Annotated Work Cited This is the formal presentation of the knowledge that you have at the end of your search, the conclusions that you have drawn. This section uses the conventional expository methods of supporting assertions as well as the conventional bibliographic methods of crediting others with their ideas or words. (2500 words) The annotated work cited is the list of the sources of information that ultimately became part of your paper. It must include a minimum of 8 sources, at least one of which must be an interview . These 8 sources will include information from the internet, as well as from library research . Since this is an annotated work cited, each citation will be followed by a short paragraph explaining what information the source offered and why this information is useful to you. 4. Process Reflection: This 3 page section is an analysis of your experiences with this project. You'll reflect on your learning, looking back over the weeks from the perspective of being done. This is the part you'll probably write last. (Minimum 725 words) Suggestion: make a journal entry each day that you do anything related to your paper, so you’ll have a record when you sit down to write the reflection. 5. 10-minute PowerPoint Presentation At the end of the semester, you’ll share the knowledge you gained from your research with your classmates. Thanks to Joan Wong who adapted this from an assignment created at St. Ignatius HS .
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2 CHOOSING A FOCUS We will work on this research project throughout the semester. It requires a lot of work, whether you are interested in your topic or not. If you are interested, however, the burden is infinitely lighter because you want the answer. So take your time to craft a research question you really want to answer, one that will lend itself to thinking, not just compiling "facts." GETTING INFORMATION Information must come from two kinds of credible sources -- recorded materials (books, magazine/newspaper articles, CD-ROM sources, web sites, videotapes) and interviews (in
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WDE_2010[1] - Well-Documented Essay(WDE Project Spring 2010...

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